Friday, January 27, 2012

I won the Launchpad!

I won!!! Thank you to everyone who voted!

After receiving the new Launchpad I started looking for new ways to use it with Ableton Live besides the factory mapping that comes with (cause-I'm-a-nerd).
I knew about MLRV2 from the Monome Community which is an expressive loop mangling software that works great with the Launchpad.
Still, I was looking for new ways to use it. My friend told me about nativeKONTROL's LPC which is a midi script for the Launchpad using Bome's midi translator that expands the capabilities of the Launchpad into a complete control production station.
Then I came across Aurex's Launchpad sequencers which only use the Launchpad and the built-in Ableton Live 8 Suite devices, I was amazed with the clarity of concept for each sequencer and the fact that he only used the Launchpad and Ableton Live No M4L No Bome's Midi Translator.
I was so inspired, I started reading the Launchpad programming guide Novation kindly released and I end up making this Live Pack called FxGrid. All you need is a Launchpad and Ableton Live 8 Suite.

Thank you all you are awesome

FxGrid Installation:

- Open up the FxGrid.alp Live Pack
- Choose a destination on your Hard-Drive where the project will be installed.
- Open up FxGrid Live Set
- Load loops to "Loops Go Here"
- Plug in your Launchpad
- Press "User 2"
- Flip it sideways
- Hit play

Download the Live Pack:

Please contact me if you have any questions

APC version coming soon!